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How do I price my home part II

How do I price my Colorado Springs Home?

How do I pull comparable sales from the Assessor’s Office?

In Part I of the article, I talked about the importance of looking at the information on the Assessor’s office; and one of the most valuable tools on the site for a consumer it to be able to pull up comparable sales.

On the El Paso County Assessor’s web site, you can narrow down the search criteria for comparable sales.  Ideally, you want to look at data for properties that have sold that are comparable to your home, including close to the same floor plan with the same square footage.  You also really only want data for sales that occurred in the last 6 months.  A Colorado Springs Realtor can put together a comprehensive CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for you, but this data will be a good starting point for discussions with your Realtor.

Part II blog

In Part III of this article, I’ll talk about a CMA, and the type of information a realtor gathers to put together this information.

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