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When I first moved to Colorado Springs, 30 some years ago, it seemed like the majority of houses that were built didn’t include air conditioning.    It also seems like in the 1980′s and 1990′s,  most summer days Air conditioner in Colorado Springshad afternoon thundershowers which cooled things off on a daily basis.

I’m not sure what my opinion is about global warming, but it sure seems like the summers have gotten hotter and drier in the area over the last 10 years.  And there are still many houses that aren’t built with air conditioners, and many older houses still don’t have air.

I’m certainly not an HVAC specialist, but I’ve been told by HVAC contractors, that if you have a house that already has duct work from a forced air furnace, then it’s not overly challenging or costly to add central air conditioning to your home.

But, what if the house doesn’t have duct work, maybe the home has radiant floor heating, or some other type of hot water heat?   Don’t despair, talk to a couple of HVAC and companies and they may have some good options.  Maybe they can put duct work in the attic, or in the walls, or in the back of some closets.  There are even some systems that don’t need much duct work.

I did a quick search in the Colorado Springs Multiple Listing this morning, and there are currently 1918 listings for sale that say they have Central Air Conditioning, and there are 5,646 total listings on the market.   Essentially only 33% of the homes currently for the sale in Colorado Springs area have central air.  Do you really want to limit your home search to only 1/3 of the market, or do you want to think creatively and realize there are many options to add central air to a home?


Adding Central Air — article by This Old House

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