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2013 Black Forest Fires close to Colorado Springs

Black Forest Fires

Once again, there are fires close to Colorado Springs, in the Black Forest area.  It’s a heavily forest area, Northeast of the city.    It’s a very fast moving fire, started around 1;00pm on Tuesday, June 11th.  Approximately 7000 people have been evacuated, and current estimates are at appx. 80 homes have been burnt.Black Forest Fire

As I was on Academy Drive and Woodmen yesterday, I took the photo showing Jared Jewelry then I took the other picture as I was driving north out of Colorado Springs yesterday on I-25.

Since it’s only been a year since the fires in hit Mountain Shadows last summer, everyone in the area has learned from the last year.

They are already having news briefings 3 times a day, and these briefings are by far the best source of information, especially accurate information on the fires.    I watched the news briefing this morning by streaming it from Fox 21 News Colorado.    After last year’s fire, I’ve realized that during a disaster, it’s easy to find and read information that isn’t accurate.   I’ve developed my own informal list of the most accurate news information about the fire.

I’ve  found it helpful to use the Hash Tag #BlackForestFire on Twitter, as well as to follow @EPCSheriff on Twitter, which provides Information about the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado Springs, CO.   It’s also important to remember that just because something is posted on twitter doesn’t mean it’s true.

I also like to follow The Gazette, the local newspaper, and they have published a map of the current Mandatory Evacuation areas and the Pre-Evacuation Zone.

Black forest Fire

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