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Buying a home for Aging in Place in Colorado Springs

 Moving to Colorado Springs — Aging in Place Considerations

In 2011, the first of 78-million strong Baby Boom generation have started to turn age 65.  As baby boomers continue to age; more and more of us are facing some type of disability or potential disability in the future.    Each person’s individual situation, will determine their housing needs for accessibility when aging in place

When moving to a new house to Colorado Springs, it’s important to share any disabilities or potential disabilities with info with your Realtor.

Here’s some things you may want to consider when looking at Aging in Place

Main level living (Colorado Springs has a lack of ranch style houses that were built in the 1980′s, 1990′s, and 2000′s.)

** Would you prefer a home with no basement?

** If it does have a basement does it have room to add a stair chair lift?

** Is the laundry on the main level?

GarageRanch style home in Colorado Springs

** Do you need direct access from the garage to/from the house?  Is the garage attached to the house?

** Does the garage have some steps from the garage to the house?    If so, is there room to install a railing or a grab bar?


** What’s the shower like?  Does it have a step to get into it?  Does it have easy access?

** Is there room to install some grab bars for safety?

** Is there room to place a chair to sit on in the shower?


** Does the floor have carpet?  Does that make it harder to move with a wheelchair?  Or with a cane?


** Does it slant, does it have a grade?   How much does the elevation change?

** Is the driveway concrete? (gravel of stone doesn’t work well for anyone in a wheelchair or for someone who uses a cane.)

Type of home

** Would you prefer a single family home?

** Would you prefer a townhome, condo, or a patio home?   Do you want a community that caters to 55+?

There are many, many more things to consider when buying a house that will work to “age in place”, but I hope this provides a good starting point.

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