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7 safety tips for Home Sellers

It’s important for every Colorado Springs Home Seller to be aware of some standard safety guidelines

  1.  Make sure the Buyer’s Agent and the Showing Company has your pet instructions.  If the dogs should be crated, make sure they are.  If you don’t want the pets going out the front door, IMG_5516 outsidetell the Buyer’s Agent. If the pets don’t like strangers, let the Buyer’s Agent know.
  2. Don’t leave personal information and confidential information out for everyone to read.   (I recently did a showing where all of the client’s stock brokerage account statements were laying all over the kitchen table.)  Also, don’t keep your credit card information out in plain sight.
  3. Don’t leave your medication out on the cabinet top or in the medicine cabinet, make sure they are well-hidden and out of sight.
  4. Be careful about the expensive artwork.  If you have pricey artwork on the walls, you may want to take it down and store it while your house is for sale.
  5. If you own guns, make sure they are locked up, and unloaded.  If possible, don’t keep them out in the open for anyone to see.
  6. Put other valuables, including jewelry, in a secure place.
  7. If your Realtor puts a lock box on your home, understand the procedure for how that lock box is accessed and who will be showing the property.  If you don’t want the lock box on your front door, discuss other options with your Realtor.
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