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Colorado Spring Landlord Tips

In my opinion, being a happy landlord is all about having good quality tenants.    Bad tenants, mean lots of work, extra money, and more headaches.  Good tenants equals a happy landlord.

Here’s 18 Tips for Landlords to attract and screen good quality tenants

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  1. Don’t show an unfinished property:  If you are fixing it up, wait until it’s done and completed before you show it.Front IMG_0089 smaller
  2. Research your competition:    Check out Craigslist and see what other properties are renting for.  Drive by other units for rent.
  3. Advertise the rental online.  Include as many photos as possible.  Craigslist still works.  Try out Zillow, Trulia, postlets.com.
  4. Advertise the proximity to bus lines, hospitals, colleges, shopping, parks.
  5. Put a For Rent sign in the yard of the rental (or in the window).  Signage still works.
  6. Put together a packet of information to give perspective tenants that explains the rent, the policies, what the rent includes, and the rental criteria.
  7. Screen perspective tenants before you show them the property.   No need to waste time if the tenant won’t meet your qualifications.
  8. Charge an application fee.  Let your applicant pay the fee; explain to them what the fee includes.
  9. Take a look at the inside of an applicant’s vehicle.  Walk the prospects to their car after showing them the rental.
  10.  Charge more for pets.  Decide on your pet policy before you start showing the property.   How many will you allow?  What size?  Any breed restrictions?
  11. Don’t hand over the keys to the rental until the check has cleared.  Better yet, ask for a money order, cashier’s check or cash for the deposit and the first month’s rent.
  12. Do a preliminary walk-through with the tenant before they move in.  Explain how things work in the unit, including the heat, the appliances, the light fixtures, etc.
  13. Take photos (or videos) of the property before the tenant moves in.  Date stamp the photos.  Let the tenants know that you do this.
  14. Make it easy for your tenants to contact you by phone, by email, or by text.  Decide on how you are going to handle repairs.
  15. Give your tenants an incentive to pay early   You may want to offer them an early payment discount.
  16. Get references from previous landlords.  Check and make sure you are talking to the right person when you are getting references.  Ask them good probing questions.
  17. Understand the Fair Housing Act.    It prohibits landlords from using any of the following criteria when evaluating potential tenants: race, color, national heritage, religion, gender, disability, and familial status.
  18. Have a written lease, make sure a lawyer has approved the language in it.
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