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Colorado Springs has a lack natural disasters

 Colorado Springs has a lack of natural disasters

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There are many factors that enter into a decision to move to the Colorado Springs area; and climate, weather, and natural disasters are part of the decision.

The weather in Colorado Springs is not perfect, but :IMG_2763.JPG back deck

  • We typically don’t have long periods of extreme temperatures.
  • We don’t have hurricanes
  • We don’t have volcanoes
  • We typically don’t have earthquakes
  • We don’t have tsunamis
  • We don’t have extreme amounts of rainfall
  • We don’t have tornadoes, at least not in cites located on the Front Range.

We can occasionally have fires, extreme snowstorms, and summer thunderstorms with hail and lightening.

Colorado used to known as state that didn’t have many natural disasters.    But recent summer storms and wildfires have changed that impression.   The summer wildfires of 2012 got all of the press; but hail storms in summer time caused much more damage and more expense than fires.

Also, it would appear that fires have been on the rise in Colorado, but not sure if fires have really increased or if the number of houses that have been built closer to forest have increased in high-risk areas.

As I was researching information for this blog, I found a great article from US News that listed Colorado Springs in the list of 10 cities for the least risk from Natural Disasters.


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