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5 reasons your house didn’t sell

 Why do Colorado Springs home listing expire?

Since December 2012, there were 322 Colorado Springs homes listed in the MLS that expired; and 374 home listings that were cancelled.  That equates to about 23% of the listed homes

WHY?    Here’s list of 5 reasons your house didn’t sell

1. Photos are unimpressive.   The vast majority of home buyers start their search for a home on the Internet.    An internet search can be considered a virtual showing .  If a house gets good reviews on it’s internet showing, than a buy may want to make an appointment to see it in person    Today’s buyers are expecting good quality photos (and lots of them)

Example of a BAD MLS photo, you can't see the house, the cars are in the way

Example of a BAD MLS photo, you can’t see the house, the cars are in the way


2. It’s overpriced. You’ve got to view your own property as objectively as possible.     Look at the home like a “buyer” does.     Be objective.    A buyer doesn’t care what you paid for it, they just want it priced correctly for today’s market conditions.


3. It shows poorly.    This could mean almost anything… from the barking dog, to the smell of the cat litter box.     The carpet could look dirty, the  woodwork is scratched, the stove not clean.    Many of these things don’t show up on the Internet, but will be obvious once you get inside the house.


4. It’s invisible.    Today’s buyer comes from the internet, almost exclusively.  Is the house just on the MLS?   Is it also on all the other web sites websites…(Trulia, Zillow, Craig’s List,  etc…)  Is there good signage outside of the property?   Property flyers in the flyer box?


5. It’s gotten stale.     Maybe it was overpriced when it  first came on the market 6 months ago.    It may now be priced where it should be, but your home listing is tired and stale.    Buyer’s  looking for your type of property (ie: 3br/2 bath in Briargate) have already seen it online, sometimes twice.    Time to take the listing off market.  Let it cool off (1 – 3 months), and bring it back on fresh with new pictures, new staging, new marketing.


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