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Is stainless steel over?

Is White the new Stainless Steel?

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Seems that almost every house I see in Colorado Springs now has stainless steel appliances in it; yet I’ve been reading more and more articles that Stainless Steel is over.  I think someone forgot to tell the IMG_2589.JPG redone kitchenconsumer that the trend is over as 80% of appliances sales are stainless steel.

But it used to be that stainless steel was only found in higher end properties; now it seems to be found in all price ranges.  Has it lost it’s status symbol as the “higher-end” appliance of choice?  Since it’s now used by everyone, it is time for a change?

Also, as much as I like the look of clean stainless steel, it seems to be next to impossible to keep fingerprints from showing on it.  I definitely don’t like trying to keep them looking clean.

Here’s a summary of some new appliances trends.

  • Whirpool now offers a white ice option, a glossy white.
  • GE is now offering a slate option.  It’s  a muted grey, low-gloss.
  • Some other manufacturers, including Wolf,  are offering a new black.

Appliances colors have always went through cycles.  The 60s were the brown and copper decade.  The 70s, the gold and green decade. The 80s brought black appliances, the 90s white, and the 2000′s brought stainless steel.   Appliances typically get changed out every 15 years, so it will be interesting to see if glossy white or slate now starts to become popular.

The original stainless steel trend started with Viking and Wolf and has now had a 25 year run.    It first started with restaurants and commercial kitchens who had used stainless steel for decades before the consumer trend started.

What do you think?  Stainless steel in?  or out?

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