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Acacia Park, part of the landscape of downtown

Acacia was the first Colorado Springs Park, dedicated in 1871 

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 Nothing makes a downtown area more special than a park, and Acacia Park in Colorado Springs is part of the character of downtown Colorado Springs

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Acacia Park (115 E. Platte Ave.) is located in the heart of Downtown Colorado Springs.   The park currently includes a band shell, horseshoe court, picnicking, playground, public phone, restrooms, shuffleboard, and the famous Uncle Wilbur Fountain.UNCLE WILB FOUNTAIN 15 PERCENT

According to the information on the Colorado Springs Government web site:  “When Colorado Springs filed the original town plat in 1871, it included one city block as the first city-owned park. The park, known as North Park or Acacia Square is the site of the present-day Acacia Park.”.   I absolutely love the idea that the founding fathers of Colorado Springs dedicated some of our parks back in the late 1800′s.

During the summer time, the park is the site for the Monday farmers market and Uncle Wilbur’s Fountain, a fountain with over 200 water jets, 52 of which are part of a play area where kids run and try to top the streams.     Uncle Wilbur’s Fountain opened in 2001 and is owned by the City of Colorado Springs.   It cost over $1 millon to build and was financed a local non-profit organization.    Private donors funded the plaza and benches around the fountain, while the fountain’s upkeep is maintained by “Friends of the Fountain,” a non-profit group formed by the Smokebrush Foundation.   If you would like information on how to donate time or money to the Fountain, the web site will give you the details.

There is currently a movement by HB & A Architects to gather ideas and concepts on how to continue to revitalize the park.   If you have an interest in some of the concepts for the future of the park, here’s a link to Acacia Park Concepts.

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