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Waiver on flipping is good for the local Colorado Springs economy

Waiver announced on 90 day flipping

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The 90 Day Flipping rule has been lifted for at least 1 year starting February 1, 2010.   HOWEVER, it’s important to keep in mind that it is IMG_2447.JPG trash by garagenot completely free from all stipulations.   Here’s a link to the actual Waiver on the HUD web site; which gives the conditions of the waiver.

What does this mean to the Colorado Springs First Time Home buyers?

It means that buyers who are going to buy a property with a FHA loan financing can do so without having to wait for 90-days from the date of the last purchase of that property in order to purchase it.

As an example:  A home was purchased by an Investor on November 15, 2009 and the investor  fixed up the property.   With the previous 90-day rule, a buyer who was using FHA financing would have to wait 90-days from the 11/15/09 date in order to go into contract on this property.    The new rule is waiving the 90 day period.

What does this mean to Colorado Springs Real Estate Investors?

It means that investors can buy and flip properties and not worry about waiting 90 days to get the property sold.   Although conventional and cash purchases were not affected by the 90-day rule, the majority of homes are now being financed by FHA.   This moratorium will help homes sell quicker; which means investors can then move on to the next property!

Who Else Does it Affect?

Many of the homes that the banks are foreclosing on are in bad shape and need repaired and updated to make them more attractive to Colorado Springs First Time Home Buyers.

I think this change in the guidelines will help Colorado Springs foreclosed homes sell faster, which in turn helps the local economy.  It’s estimated that on an average a home buyer spends an additional $8000.00 on a house after they purchase it, which certainly also stimulates the economy.

 Wouldn’t you much rather have a homeowner in your neighborhood vs. a foreclosed empty house?

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