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ILC versus a Survey, what’s the difference?

Improvement Location Certificates and Surveys in Colorado

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I’ve had several experiences recently with surveys for two different Home buyers in the Colorado Springs Area.    As usual, my day to day life as a realtor provides me with constant topics to write about.   Let’s start with the basics of a Survey and ILC:

What is a survey? 

A land survey is completed to exactly locate the boundaries and monuments of a property.     Missing monuments (property corners) will be replaced.    All above ground improvements and utilities will be documented. 

What is an ILC? 

An ILC is not a survey, and the initials of ILC stand for Improvement Location Certificate   It is merely a surveyor’s opinion that the the buildings and major improvements appear to be located on the property described in the deed.  

What is the difference between an ILC and a survey?

candlewood bigThe surveying methods used in the preparation of an “ILC” are not sufficient to precisely determine the location and dimensions of property lines, or the exact location of improvements upon or adjacent to the subject property.   It is not a full survey, takes less time to complete and costs less than a survey.

Because of the methods used in a ILC, the following verbiage is typically included on an ILC ….. it is not to be relied upon for the09299-02 establishment of fence, building or other future improvement lines…”

Why do some title companies require an ILC?

Some title companies will require an ILC to verify that the structures or improvements being purchased are actually on the property and also if there are any encroachments from adjacent properties.

When should I get a survey vs. an ILC?

Even though an ILC provides a wealth of information, if you need to know exactly where your property lines are, a survey is the way to go.

The next article in this series will included the Top 10 reasons to get an ILC and/or a survey.

Remember, Knowledge is Power

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