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I came across an article that stated the original Marion House Soup Kitchen located at 14 W. Bijou, once belonged to Charles and Josephine Tutt.  The home was a three story victorian built about 1890.  The Tutt’s and their heirs were pioneers here in Colorado Springs and I’ve often heard how important they were, but who exactly was Charles Tutt Senior, friend and business partner to Spencer Penrose?

Charles Leaming Tutt was born in Philadelphia and was a school friend of Spencer Penrose.  His father died when he was twelve and he had to leave school to earn a living.  He was always on the sickly side and therefore, decided to locate to Colorado Springs in 1884.  He actually had a ranch in Black Forest until he met and married Josephine Thayer in 1887.  She refused to live in the country, so Charles sold his ranch and moved into Colorado Springs and started a real estate and insurance business and occasionally trying to get rich in the gold mines.  His offices were located at 14 E. Pikes Peak, which is now unimproved land.  Apparently, at some point  there was a building there which is now gone.

Tutt had purchased the COD mine in Cripple Creek, but until Spencer Penrose showed up to get it running, he largely ignored it.  Penrose’s arrival changed his life.  He went on to make a fortune in real estate and gold.  Penrose arrive in Colorado Springs on December 11, 1892, and Tutt was there to greet him.  After stopping by his office, the men took a buggy ride to Cheyenne Mountain Country Club, where they could get a drink (Colorado Springs was dry at that point).  The Country Club was located out in The Broadmoor close to the dairy farm where they were laying track for the trolley.  Penrose then got into a fist fight with one of the polo ponies riders and they soon left the club.  Tutt took Penrose home, located at 611 N. Weber (which has been torn down and replaced by offices);  they soon hashed out their business arrangement. Penrose would go and manage the Cripple Creek Office and possibly start production at the mine, while Tutt would remain in Colorado Springs.  And so, Tutt and Penrose was started.  This arrangement was done on a handshake, no contract involved.  Tutt would allow Spencer Penrose to pay him back from the money he earned.

He died  of a heart attack on January 21, 1909 at the age of 45.  He made his mark and a legacy for his heirs to follow.  Spencer took his son, Charles II under his wing and treated him like a son.  Together, they would go on to build the Broadmoor Resort and many other Colorado Springs Landmarks

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