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Are streetcars going to become a reality in Colorado Springs?

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I recently wrote a post on the Trolley Museum and how the volunteers are working so hard to bring back the trolley system that once ran in downtown Colorado Springs.

A coalition the includes the Downtown Partnership, Downtown Development Authority, Mountain Metropolitan Transit (our bus system) and Colorado College are looking for bids  to study the feasibility of a streetcar line. This study will be done with private donations and some federal grants and could be done by next spring.

The idea is to study impact and cost analysis along with the feasibility of running a line from the park n ride on S. Tejon by I-25 north to UCCS and through the downtown area.  The car from the I-25 site to UCCS would be electric and the streetcars would run through the downtown area.

Some folks like the idea of running a green transit option while others think it could boost tourism (look at San Francisco) and others think it could lead to further economic development given the sometimes hectic parking situation.

The cost won’t be cheap as other cities have spent anywhere from 8 million to 10 million for a mile of track, but it could pay off with an anticipated 50 million to 150 million in economic development,so it could well be worth the cost.

Rich Guy of The Downtown Development Authority states “this is not something that will happen overnight.  It starts as a dream, but dreams to turn into fruition.  There’s every reason to think it could change Colorado Springs in a big way.”

So, dream big Colorado Springs and we too, could be hearing the sounds of a streetcar running soon!

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